Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness

Join me for this workshop if your curious about yoga and mindfulness but have little or no experience.

Journey through the Chakras

To be curious about the chakras is is to be curious about yourself. Empower yourself with this life changing workshop. Discover why your are the way you are.

Highlands Summer Festival

Live Theatre all through July. https://www.highlandssummerfestival.on.ca/

Haliburton Arts & Crafts Festival July 27 - 29

This is a must attend weekend if you love to shop for the ultimate one of a kind item. http://railsendgallery.com/highlights/haliburton-art-craft-festival/

Highland Opera Studio

Hear solos, duets and ensemble selections from famous productions around the world. A different program is presented for each of the concerts so be sure to see them both! http://www.highlandsoperastudio.com/performances.html#sthash.PwlCCDeB.A8EMIWpk.dpbs

Hike Haliburton

This is the largest hiking festival of it's kind in Canada. Choose from 100 guided hike, listen to live music, drink craft beer, eat great food, attend the Biggest Picnic and see me at the fashion show. Book your room now! You don't want to miss this weekend! https://haliburtoncounty.ca/2018-hike-haliburton/


Holness Room

The Holness Room lights up with the morning sun. Enjoy watching the mist roll across the water  from your bed or from your private deck.  Soak in the cast iron bath tub and watch the river flow by. Starts at $250 per night

The Louie Room

The Louie Room lights up with the evening sun.   Enjoy your super comfy, queen-sized bed  falling asleep in peace and serenity. Wake up feeling refreshed. Starts at $175 per night.

The Back Porch

Feels like being at the cottage. Rustic and comfy. This room can sleep up to three people with one person sleeping in the screened-in  porch.  $195 per night based on single occupancy.

Mid Week Get-away

Stay with us mid-week and your room includes regular scheduled classes and breakfast.

Weekend Retreats

Stay at Holness Yoga b&b and enjoy a morning workshop, breakfast, lunch and afternoon guided paddle or hike.  Starts at $485 based on single occupancy.

Looking to be pampered? Wake up to a Private Yoga Class (for our guests only). Take in an afternoon paddle and picnic. A Thai Yoga Massage is a must before the weekend rolls to an end. We are happy to include all your meals and just as happy if you choose to venture out. Starts at $550 based on single occupancy.


Can we bring our pet? 

No. That being said, we highly recommend boarding your pet 5 minutes down the road at Paws.  https://www.killarastation.com/

Can you create a special retreat just for me?

Yes.  That's what we do best. It might take a bit of planning but our goal is for you to get the most out of your time here. 

Do you do retreats for large groups?

 We find working with small groups of 4 or less to be most rewarding for everyone. However we can do groups of  7 if people are comfortable sharing queen sized beds.

Can you do a Yoga class at my cottage for my group of friends?

Yes. We charge $150 for the first hour and $100 for each following hour.

Are dietary requirements a problem for you?

In most cases dietary needs are not a problem. We do our very best to to work with you to ensure that our menu meets your needs. Communication is key. If we feel that we can't meet your needs, we will tell you.

I'm taking a course at The Haliburton School of the Arts and I would like to know if you do longer term rentals.?  https://flemingcollege.ca/PDF/HSAD/HSAD-2018.pdf

Yes we do.   We would love to have you stay with us.

I'm taking a pottery workshop at Black Bird Pottery. http://www.blackbirdpottery.ca/551534/studio-shows/ Can I stay with you?

Of course you can. What's nice is we are walking distance.

What I really need is me-time. No rushing, no schedule, no meals just me being lazy and relaxing in my room or by the water. Can I do that at your place?

Absolutely you can. We believe that creating space in your schedule is one of the most important things you can do. It's in that space that change is most likely to happen.

I would like to come up for Hike Haliburton. Can I stay with you?

Hike Haliburton is an awesome fun weekend to spend in the Haliburton Highlands  We'd  love to have you stay with us!  https://haliburtoncounty.ca/2018-hike-haliburton/

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