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Take a virtual tour of the first home we built and sold

Goodbye big and hello small - We're using Quantum Passivehaus in Minden to build our new small home!

The first home Mike and I built together. Now we're going Passive!

Mike and I bought this property in 2003. We spent the next decade designing and building our B&B.  In the summer of 2017 we purchases 85 acres off Gelert Road and in the fall we sold our home. 2017 was a year of tremendous change for us.  It began with a great deal of pain for me. I suffered with relentless back pain, that transitioned into bursitis in my knees which eventually moved into my ankle and finally left my body completely.  It was a year of great reflection.  I thought a lot about my life. I considered what made me feel happy and light. I also examined what weighed me down and felt restrictive and constrictive.  I found my voice and spoke out loud about what I was feeling.  As the words left my body so did the pain. As the pain left my confidence grew and I fearlessly began to embrace change.

Mike and I have always shared a dream of living in the forest in a small cabin.  We both feel most alive, healthy and peaceful when we're outside surrounded by nature. Selling our B&B was like opening a new door to a new and more free stage of life.  We started to explore our building options and that lead us the Quantum Passivhous in Minden.

Abbie and Angie, the owners of Passivhaus and long time residence of Minden share a deep concern for the environment and the community. The houses they build work with nature. The hire local people , train and pay them well. They a forward thinkers that focus on the bigger picture. We knew we wanted to partner with them.  I look forward to sharing our journey as we build our new Quantum Passivhaus.

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