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About Gail Holness

I cried happy tears when....

On June first I received this email from the Canadian Yoga Alliance. 

"Hi Gail;
Looking over the multitude of certificates we now have on file:-); would you be happy with an upgrade to CYA-E-RYTGOLD? This is our highest designation of 1000 hrs. (and over) and with over 1000 teaching experience.    I certainly think it is a good choice given your training and experience.


You'll love my fall classes!

I can't share too much right now but I am working with Minden Hills and Dysart et al, together we're hoping to make this fall awesome. Stay tuned for the updates.

Join me this summer and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE

Reclaim Your Life is a new workshop that I am happy to be offering this summer.  The psychology of pain has always fascinated me. I've spent years reading and researching why we feel pain and more importantly why do some people feel more pain and other none at all?  I look forward to sharing what I've learnt!  I look forward to giving you the tools you need to reclaim your life!

Reserve your spot now!

We've sold our retreat, I'm teaching in town and we're building a passive home just for us!

If you don't already know, Holness Yoga and Guest Suites sold last December and we're on a  new and exciting journey this year.  I've returned to teaching in town and I absolutely love. Working from home can leave you feeling isolated and I did. Now it's  a treat to go for a coffee after class and catch up with everyone.  I love teaching at the community centre for just that reason - it's the centre of the community! I'm looking forward bringing yoga to more people than ever before.

We've been busy (Mike's been busy) with the help of friends, clearing our 800' driveway to our little 1,000 square foot passive home that we'll be building this summer with the help of Quantum Passivhaus in Minden. The hope is that by sometime in August we'll have the shell of our home in its place, nestled in the middle of our hard wood forest. We are so looking forward to meeting our new home!

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