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About Gail Holness

Gail is a very intuitive teacher. Rather than teach to a planned class she teaches to the moment allowing her skill as a yoga instructor to shine through. It’s her ability to address specific energy needs of the group that make her classes so special. With 20 years for teaching she is able to pull from a wonderful bank of knowledge to keep things fresh and motivating. Sometimes slowing the class down to focus on healing and at other times speeding it up to get blocked energy moving. 

She came to yoga in her thirties at a very challenging time in her life. The thirties for many people is a decade of reflection, assessment and change. It’s when we look at our lives and face the things that are preventing from being happy and whole. Letting go of old patterns and habits takes trust, autonomy and will power. Resisting the need for change for Gail lead to pain, both physical and emotional, and a weakened immune system, that manifested as chronic infections. The introduction of yoga to her life empowered her to make the changes she needed so that she could regain her basic right of happiness. 

She believes that healing is something that we do for ourselves not something that someone else does for us. She believes that to heal does not always mean getting better. Instead healing happens at a much deeper level that involves acceptance and the release of suffering. What she enjoys most about teaching yoga is empowering people with the tools they need to heal themselves. 

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