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And thank you for stopping by Holness Yoga. This fall you'll find me, Gail,  at the Minden Community Centre and in Haliburton at the Old Victoria Street School.  I'm looking forward to helping you calm your mind and tone your body.

I'm also hoping to offer a special 4 part workshop on pain, depression and anxiety. Suffering with just one (but  often all of these) can  destroy your life. RECLAIM YOUR LIFE will help empower you with skills you can use to bring more happiness back into your lives. 

Use the sign sheet near the bottom of this page to let me know you're interested. Dates and times are still undecided but will reflect the needs of those interested.

Thanks again for stopping by, Gail 

RECLAIM YOUR LIFE - An Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness

I have spent years wondering why some people feel so much pain and yet others go through life pain-free? Why do some people always seem to get sick? Why do some people suffer from depression and anxiety when they appear to have everything they need in life? What is going on?  

In this 8 hour workshop that is spread over 4 days, we are going to delve into the latest discoveries that neuroscientists around the world are making. We'll look at the brain and what it means to say "it's all in your head".  We'll look at the ancient practices of Yoga Postures,Yoga Breath Work - Pranayama, Mindfulness, Positive Thinking and Emotional Resilience.  We'll unravel the mystery and empower you to tap into your body's amazing ability to heal and reclaim your right to happiness.

We have a tentative start date, January 2020 in Minden.  Please use the sign-up sheet below to find out more.


Sign up here if you would like to be part of this workshop.

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Holness Yoga

Minden Community Centre 55 Parkside St, Minden, ON K0M 2K0, Canada

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C$ 200.00
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Four,  2-hour sessions.  Together we will delve into modern neuroscience and the ancient practices of yoga , breathing and mindfulness. And how we can use all these tools to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE .